Drilling and Breaking

Electric Breaker65.0095.00380.001140.00
Demolition Hammer50.0065.00260.00780.00
Large Rotary Hammer48.0060.00240.00720.00
Small Rotary Hammer30.0040.00160.00360.00
Bits 3/4 to 1/28.008.0032.0096.00
Points and Chisels8.008.0032.0096.00
Core Drill45.0065.00260.00720.00
Core Bits1 3/42 1/2"3"4 1/2"
Core Drill Rigs70.0080.00320.00960.00
Core Bits5"6"8"10 and 12"

Rental Policy

A Visa or Mastercard imprint is required for all rentals. Charge accounts are available for companies with proper credit references. Cash, Debit Card, Visa, or Mastercard are required on all rentals without prearranged credit. Pickup and delivery is available at an additional cost. The customer assumes full responsibility for the equipment while in his/her possession. Equipment must be returned clean and topped up with fuel or a charge will apply. Prices are subject to change without notice. All charges are for time out, not time used. Clocked equipment - 24 hr rental period = 8 hr work period